UT – Homer Rainey Hall: Jessen Auditorium Renovation
UT – Homer Rainey Hall: Jessen Auditorium Renovation
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Project Description:

Location: Austin, TX

Size: 6,500 SF

Owner: University of Texas Systems

Architect: The Bommarito Group

Description: Replacement of mechanical system and renovation of historic auditorium including new seating, acoustical paneling, stage renovations, removal/replacement of all supply ductwork, removal of existing paint systems and repair of failing plaster, repaint entire auditorium, re-stain existing mahogany wood panels, install acoustical treatment to improve sound absorption, remove/replace floor covering, and remove/recondion/replace existing auditorium seating.

  • UT Arts Building and Museum

  • Cowboy Honda

  • Kozmetsky Center for Child Protection

  • Texas School for the Deaf

  • Private Research Facility

  • Brackenridge ICU

  • Cowboy Honda Powersports

  • Austin Children’s Museum

  • Retail 106