J Worldwide Services in Austin, Texas General Contractor: Flynn Construction

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  • Cost modeling
  • Design & constructability input
  • Budget estimate at Schematic Design Phase, Design Development Phase, & Completed Construction Documents Phase
  • Preparation & distribution of bidding documents/addenda
  • Identification of qualified subcontractors
  • Value engineering
  • Project organization & procedure documentation
  • Development of Master Schedule
  • City of Austin Permitting
  • Purchasing & submittal schedules

Construction Phase Management

  • Pre-construction conferences with all subcontractors
  • Coordination of insurance requirements for subs
  • Safety training & clean project protocol
  • Weekly reporting of construction progress
  • Updates to master construction schedule
  • Field reports & regular project reports to the owner
  • Implementation & enforcement of safety program
  • Close-out schedule & documents
  • Management of testing & start-up procedures
  • Coordination of warranty work